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PreOwned BeoVision TV’s

Preowned TV’s from our range of approved used Bang & Olufsen televisions gives you an opportunity to grab a great deal.  Whether you see an iconic design that you have always wanted in your home, or want to add an additional piece of Bang & Olufsen onto your existing system, you are in the right place.  We have one of the finest collections of preowned Bang & Olufsen in the UK.  All our preowned sales come with a 12 month warranty to give you peace of mind.

BeoVision 11 by Bang & Olufsen on a floor stand

BeoVision 11

BeoVision 11 epitomises Bang & Olufsen design. An beautifully polished aluminium picture frame surround shouts quality whilst the picture inset will satisfy the even the most demanding eye with its detail and ability to pull the best possible picture from which ever source is playing on it. The fabric covers afford you the opportunity to customise your TV for your own living space with different colours. The BeoVision 11 was made in three different sizes, 40″ 46″ and 55″, all of which sport powerful speakers and full HD screen. Pair the TV with motorised floor stands and motorised wall brackets to make it something ultra special.


BeoVision 11 Preowned   CALL FOR INFO - 0141 552 5552

BeoVision 7 TV by Bang & Olufsen

BeoVision 7

BeoVision 7 was Bang & Olufsens premium TV for many years. With a range offering 32″ 40″ and 55″ screens there was a great choice of screen size and and was elevated to legandary status due to its speaker options. With the horizontal stereo speaker BeoLab 7.1/7.2/7.5 available for those who wanted a hugely powerful all round soundbar, or the BeoLab 7.4 for those who want the best centre channel on the market to integrate with other Bang & Olufsen speakers, BeoVision 7 was a very flexible addition to anyones room.

BeoVision 7-40 / 7-55   SOLD OUT

BeoVision Avant

BeoVision Avant is currently Bang & Olufsen’s top tier TV. Boasting a UHD/4K screen with natural colours and unrivalled detail thanks to the Bang & Olufsen video engine, coupled with powerful inbuilt 3 channel speakers and a powerful bass unit all integrated beautifully into the body of the TV, it’s easy to see why the BeoVision Avant is so desirable.

BeoVision Avant 55  CALL FOR INFO - 0141 552 5552

BeoVision 8-32

BeoVision 8 brings style and substance in a small framed TV. Available in sizes 32″ & 40″ it provides HD functionality with an HDMI and of course signature Bang & Olufsen sound. Control all your sources straight from your BeoRemote and remove the clutter of other remotes and peripheral boxes from your room.

BeoVision 8-32″ Ex Hotel Model £495 & Floor Stand  View

beovision 6, a 26 inch tv by Bang & Olufsen

BeoVision 6-26

BeoVision 6 is a small 26″ TV ideal for those that want a compact screen.  Can integrate with an existing Bang & Olufsen system making it perfect for those that want to add another screen to an already established Masterlink system.

BeoVision 6-26″  £795 SOLD

beovision 10 high definition television by bang & olufsen

BeoVision 10-40

BeoVision 10 is a television which exudes Bang & Olufsen style whilst packing some impressive technology within. A crystal clear picture paired with a powerful speaker set up make it a desirable television in todays market and when combined with it’s aluminium surround and fabric finish it is a truly impressive TV.

BeoVision 10-46″ mk1 & Motorised floor stand   SOLD