The BeoPlay A1 portable speaker by Bang & Olufsen only £199

A Summer Of Sound

Every summer we brits take to the parks, to our gardens as soon as the temperature creeps anywhere near to 20 degrees. Whether we call it summer, or a heatwave, music is often part of this exciting time of year. Gone are the days of the ghetto blasters, slung over the shoulder and in their place are smaller, more stylish and technologically advanced solutions! Today we run down our list of portable speakers for all budgets and occasions. For us to call it a true portable speaker it must have an internal battery and fortunately we have three that fit the bill.

The BeoPlay A1 portable speaker by Bang & Olufsen only £199

BeoPlay A1

Lets start with the smallest, most portable speaker in our range. The BeoPlay A1 has recently been released and is proving every bit as much of a hit as its bigger brother from last summer, the BeoPlay A2. A BeoPlay A1 weights only 0.6 of a kilogram despite packing 280 watts of power and a hard wearing metal frame. Don’t be shy to take this outdoors, it’s tough!



BeoPlay A2

Slightly larger than the A1, the BeoPlay A2 is a mere 1.1 kg making it ideal for slipping into a backpack or your luggage as you go on holiday. With a battery life that’ll play non stop all evening and all night, you can bring your music to any social occasion.  The design of the BeoPlay A2 offers something both eye catching and practical.  The design mirrored on both sides is more than just for appearance, as each side also has speakers facing outwards giving you 360 degrees of sound no matter where you place it!


beolit 15 portable

BeoLit 15

The largest of our portable speakers, the BeoLit signifies a step up in performance thanks to the bigger body that the speaker has. This gives a full sound that hits all the depths and highs of your music wherever you may wish to play it. A little heavier and larger than our two previously mentioned wireless speakers, it may be a little to much to take in your hand luggage, but it perfect for throwing in the boot of the car as you go away for the weekend, or taking out in the garden for your famous BBQ events!


All the above speakers are Bluetooth compatible. This means in simple terms you can take the music on your phone or tablet and wirelessly play it through your Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay speaker from up to roughly 50 metres away! All of our speakers are available to listen to in store in Merchant City, so pop on in one sunny day and try them for yourself.