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The greats of past years

Bang & Olufsen have made many a classic over the years and in typical Bang & Olufsen fashion, the designs and performance stands up to this day. There are certain products which, despite the new range of products, still carry a massive demand. Bang & Olufsen of Merchant City is the only approved dealer in Scotland of both new and preowned B&O products. Let’s have a quick look at what the most popular ones are in 2016!

BeoVision 7

One could argue that TV’s run the risk of becoming dated much quicker than a sound system. In many ways this has an element of truth to it as picture technology over the last decade has seen improvements happening at almost breakneck speed. The other side of that argument though is that a BeoVision TV is no ordinary TV. A television that not only gave the best picture at the time, but also superior sound and connectivity to anything available even today! The BeoVision 7 a hugely popular TV on the preowned market, with the later HD versions being the pick of the bunch. A MK5 or MK6 40″ or MK2 55″ would still have a better picture than many 4K TV’s you could buy today. Couple that with the BeoLab 7.2, 7.4 or 7.6 and you have the most powerful TV audio you could imagine, whether as a stand alone TV or integrated into surround sound for the home cinema experience.

BeoVision 7 TV's by Bang & Olufsen
BeoSound 9000 the famous 6 cd player

BeoSound 9000

In the preowned Bang & Olufsen market, there is one item which stands out above all others..the BeoSound 9000. Often referred to as the ‘6 CD player’, the BeoSound 9000 is the absolute epitome of timeless design married to market leading performance. Even the little details are absolutely magical, load your cd in and once it has finished playing watch as the mechanism lines the text of your disk up perfectly so your disks are all aligned when the system is on or off. Whilst you could get carried away with how the system moves and looks, the audio quality is exceptional too. The unit was a popular main room music solution with the capacity to be extended to part of a multiroom system too. One useful tip for people that either have the BeoSound 9000 or are thinking about getting one, even though they aren’t produced anymore they can still integrate into the new Bang & Olufsen WIRELESS multiroom audio system known as BeoLink Multiroom.

BeoLab 8000

Released at a similar time to the BeoSound 9000, the BeoLab 8000’s are a hugely refined and powerful loudspeaker often fondly called the organ pipe speakers due to the tapered base and shining aluminium body. A tall speaker which actually doesn’t take up much floor space, it’s perfect for most homes, and the ability to wall mount them too increased the demand for them further. Since then the BeoLab 8000 has been superseded by BeoLab 18, but still, even by todays standards offers exceptional sound and aesthetics that haven’t dated

BeoLab 8000 the organ pipe speaker.

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