Bang & Olufsen Multiroom for under £1700

Beosound 9000 as part of wireless multiroom set up

From Masterlink to Present Day

For those of you lucky enough to have Bang & Olufsen in your home at present, the term Masterlink may well ring some bells. For those who are perhaps more recent to to the luxury brand, Masterlink was what we called products that could integrate across the home, everything from your TV to audio systems and speakers could play music in sync across the home. For many years this was the slickest system on the market allowing you to distribute your music around the home. To this day Masterlink is still a fantastic and robust system, the one drawback is that it is a wired solution. To bring something even more convenient to the market, Bang & Olufsen have now moved to a completely wireless solution, BeoLink Multiroom.

What is BeoLink Multiroom?

BeoLink Multiroom is simply put, having your Bang & Olufsen products talk to each other wirelessly around the home without wiring them to each other. You as the user can then choose to have the music flow through the whole home or if you prefer you can have different music in each room. You can achieve this straight from your Bang & Olufsen remote, the multiroom app, or with a mere touch of the product itself have your music play throughout all rooms.

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Old & New can be part of wireless multiroom

All main line products and some BeoPlay products are ready to go as part of a wireless solution. One of the things that sets us apart from other manufacturers is that we include the components in our TV’s & Audiosystems without expecting you to pay for an extra upgrade. Here is the part that will surprise you, your existing BeoSound 9000, BeoCentre 2 or the vast majority of classic Bang & Olufsen can also be brought up to spec to work wirelessly across the home! A surprisingly straight forward and cost effective way to integrate old and new, meaning that whilst perhaps want that new TV, or those new speakers, that classic CD player that you don’t want to get rid of can remain part of the system!

adding rooms

Once you have BeoLink Multiroom in one room, adding additional rooms could not be easier. Here are three products in the range all under £1800 which you can put in a bedroom, a kitchen, study etc and it’ll automatically become part of your multiroom audio. If you don’t want to venture into BeoVision TV’s and dedicated audio systems with separate speakers, then any combination of these systems across the home will work in the same way.

BeoPlay A6 – £799
BeoPlay A9 – £1699
BeoSound 35 – £1690

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