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Many of our customers will remember a time when there was always a ‘local’ Bang & Olufsen dealership. In recent years we have seen the number of dealerships in Scotland reduce until we are now at one. Bang & Olufsen of Merchant City are in the privileged position of being that one Bang & Olufsen dealership that has the honor of supplying the entire Scotland area.

As a business we relish the opportunities and challenges that this brings with it. The main challenge is of course the fact that Scotland is a vast area, with our customers spread far and wide from the central belt, to the far reaches of the country and even the islands. Fortunately we have a specialist team of installers who rack up many hours on the road ensuring that getting a new TV to a customer them on the Isle of Barra, is no more of a big deal than installing in Glasgow city centre!

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The logistics is the key part of the mix from our point of view as a business but more importantly we need to look at it from a customers point of view. In years gone by the customer in Aberdeen could walk to their local store and see what was new to the range making it really easy to stay abreast of developments. Now though the nearest showroom is ourselves in Glasgow. We acknowledge that this isn’t ideal but we put a great deal of effort into keeping in touch with Bang & Olufsen customers and enthusiasts in Aberdeen via multiple channels.

Our bomerchantcity website allows people to log on from anywhere in the world and see what new developments are happening whilst being able to browse the current range available. Browse the range of TV’s, speakers & audio systems in the product sections whilst finding useful set up videos in our “Video Help” section. Our aim is to be more than simply a internet catalog but rather offer a rich and varied website.

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The real test of a Bang & Olufsen system is undoubtedly seeing it in real life. This is where they come to life and show their true value to the prospective customers so we provide a home demonstration service to bring the products to you. For those in Aberdeen, Edinburgh etc who perhaps can’t make the trip through to Glasgow, we can bring TV’s, speakers and audio systems to you, allowing you to experience the systems in your own space which is the ultimate test of our equipment.

From time to time we contact our customers, generally by email to make them aware of new products and offers that we believe will be of interest to them. Over time we build up strong relationships with our customers to the point where we know what ticks the boxes for them, and no two people are ever the same. This allows us to make sure we are only contacting you with what is relevant to you.

Lastly if you are from Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Inverness, etc and you do have cause to be in Glasgow, it is always worth popping in to see us at Merchant City. The Merchant City area itself at a basic level is a very nice place to be with beautiful architecture, and great restaurants there is plenty to see and enjoy. On arriving at our showroom on Ingram Street you will always be met with a smile. Our showroom houses a dedicated audio room and cinema room allowing you to thoroughly test the wide range of solutions we offer. We make a nice coffee too!

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