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Now you can see exactly how that 55 inch BeoVision Avant will look on the motorised floor stand to the right of your fireplace, or whether the BeoSound 35 will fit on the wall where you ideally wish to place it.

Take any product from the Bang & Olufsen portfolio and place it in your room via the screen of your iPhone or iPad via an ingenious and innovative app. The app displays your room on screen and accurately displays the Bang & Olufsen product of your choice in the placement of your choice.

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Two main features of the app are the ‘visualisation feature’ & ‘room builder’.  The visualisation  feature allows you to select a product from our range and impose it accurately onto a real time view of your room.   Meanwhile with the room builder you’ll create plan from scratch selecting the shape & size of the room, furniture, and AV products.

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BeoHome Design App allows the customer to save their favourite designs and send them on to their local Bang & Olufsen dealer.  This means that next time you visit us we can pick up where you left off with your planning and we can look at how you would like everything configured.

The app is designed for iPads and is available free from the App Store or by clicking below.

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