Beoplay H9i, the in flight headphones

The Beoplay H9i wireless headphone with active noise cancelling has a bit of a hit with the modern commuter, sitting at the top of the Bang & Olufsen wireless headphone range.  For those who travel frequently, active noise cancelling headphones have become a must, to create your own space during busy and long journeys.

So much so, that from October the first class Airbus A380s within the Singapore Airlines fleet will be kitted out with Beoplay H9i headphones to give passengers the ultimate in-flight luxury.  There are plans to further roll this partnership between Bang & Olufsen and Singapore Airlines by deploying the headphones across other planes in the fleet.

As the Vice President for Customer Experiences commented; “With Bang & Olufsen’s assurance of high quality, precision sound as well as ergonomic comfort of its headphones, we are confident our customers will benefit greatly from this collaboration.”

Whilst the noise cancelling is a serious reason to consider these for long haul travel, arguably the bigger reasons are the uncompromising approach to sound quality and the comfort of actually wearing these headphones.  With memory foam ear pieces covered in lambskin leather, it’s certainly going to be amongst the most comfortable headphones you can wear for extended periods of time.   So whether it’s for first class in Singapore Airlines or simply a Scotrail to Paisley, we don’t think you can go wrong with these headphones!  Available for purchase now in store or online at £449.