BeoSound Edge

Update:  The BeoSound Edge is now available in store at Bang & Olufsen of Merchant City and online at BolloStore.Com

Today the new Beosound Edge has been announced.  Joining the range as a stand alone music system and multiroom ready speaker, the Edge in the words of designer, Michael Anastassiades “sits on the edge of consumer electronics and gallery-worthy sculpture”.


In the shape of a large coin, the speaker contains a large 10″ woofer as well as some new technology fresh out of Denmark.  We expect that it’ll dynamically handle bass by balancing at lower volumes and enhancing as the volume is turned up.


Wireless connectivity will of course be integrated so you can stream to it easily using Bluetooth but you’ll also be able to integrate with your Amazon Alexa or Google Home to enjoy voice command!

Don’t for one second think we have forgotten the magic.  This is arguably the most tactile speaker announced in recent years, with enhanced functionality hidden in its unusual shape.


The user experience will be enhanced by the ability to rock the speaker back and forth to increase/decrease volume and it’ll roll back into its original position when released!  Placement options will be available too, with wall mounting being possible too to highlight the sculptural aspects of the speaker even further.  So what is the price?  Well we’re expecting it to debut around £2990 so we fully expect there will be a waiting list at launch so we’ll let you know nearer the time when orders open.

Release Date: Available Now


Price: from £2900