BeoVision Eclipse Trade In Discount

We are offering a great incentive to all who are thinking about upgrading their TV, for a limited time if you trade in your old TV you can recieve up to £1800 off a new Beovision Eclipse. Any TV is eligible so please speak to us to see how much you could get. Both the 55″ and 65″ Eclipse qualify for this offer so have a look below to see how much trade in is available on each.

To reiterate the prior point, any TV is eligible from any brand, so even that 22 inch one from 1998, gathering dust in the attic will suffice.  Should you have a recent Bang & Olufsen TV it is worth getting in touch with us via live chat or email as we might be able to offer you an even better trade in price.

BeoVision Eclipse is a razor thin OLED TV with fantastic room filling sound and all the grace and features that you would expect from Bang & Olufsen’s flagship TV line.  Smart TV integrated, surround sound processing integral, there are many reasons our customers are loving the Eclipse.  To experience it for yourself drop into our Glasgow showroom any time for a personalised demonstration.

Offer Expires 30th September 2018