Pairing Up With Google Cast

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What is Google Cast and why does it matter?  Google cast is a technology that allows you to ‘Cast’ your music wirelessly from a device such as a tablet, smartphone or computer straight to your speakers where compatible.  Similar in function to Apple Airplay, it allows android powered devices to fulfil the same function of sending music over the home network.  Currently the Beoplay range has 2 network speakers present in the range, Beoplay A6 and A9.  These speakers will now have this extended functionality by way of software update, whilst future released network speakers will have it present from launch.

Do you listen to your music through Spotify or Deezer?  Many of us do these days, and Google cast is compatible with them both.  In addition Google Play music also comes Google Cast ready.  Music streaming has come a long way in recent years, particularly when it comes to stability and quality.  With a decent home network in place, you can consistently stream music around the home without your music suddenly dropping out or stuttering.  Many audio enthusiasts are of a mind that streaming music is inferior and whilst it is true in some circumstances, with the main streaming services all supporting ‘HD streaming’ and technologies such as Google Cast supporting that too, you don’t need to worry about your music deteriorating in quality.  We encourage you to pop into your nearest showroom and try out streaming music from a device onto a Beoplay network speaker to see how easy it is!