Inside the process of BeoLab 90

The BeoLab 90 has now been out for a few months and in that time it has wowed the critics, the audiophiles and the wider public. Getting to this stage though was a long and difficult process, making the worlds best loudspeaker is never going to be easy, which is why Bang & Olufsen were best placed to do it. Those who attended the launch at Struer, Denmark, were able to get an insight into that process and appreciate the results of it. Visitors were able to observe the design process, the assembly and testing elements and you didn’t have to be an engineer to appreciate what went into the process! For the rest of us, the images show various points of the development process and production of the already legendary loudspeakers.

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The Resident acousticianGEOFF MARTIN

Geoff Martin, Bang & Olufsen’s resident acoustician does a great job of explaining the technology inside BeoLab 90 in the video below taken from the media launch night of the speakers. A great watch for anyone into their music as you he is able to explain many of the features without getting too bogged down on the technicalities so most should be able to understand his presentation.

For those who wish to hear BeoLab 90 for themselves, Bang & Olufsen of Merchant City are the only place north of the border that you can hear them so pop in today for a demonstration. You can also purchase BeoLab 90 online by clicking HERE.