Kaleidescape Strato

Strato is the latest offering from now legendary home movie system company Kaleidescape. At Bang & Olufsen of Merchant City and Merchant City Custom, we pick only the most choice products to compliment our TV’s and audio systems. To make the cut they need to be the best in their respective class and clearly demonstrate a complimentary benefit to our systems. Strato has just arrived and we can confidently say that it ticks all the boxes! So what is Strato and is it right for you?

UHD, 4K Movies!

Kaleidescape made their name through the provision of home movie servers. By this we mean a system which stores your entire movie collection and allows browsing and instant playback of your collection. Where Strato differs is that it supports Ultra High Definition (UHD/4K) content, and in fact is the first system to do so! So if you have invested in a Bang & Olufsen UHD TV, or any other brand for that matter, Strato is the first to bring you the content that it is capable of.

Kaleidescape online movie store

Online Movie Store

You might be wondering, where do we get the UHD content from? A fair question as there is basically none available on the wider market at this junction. Kaleidescape have a unique relationship with Hollywood studios which affords them exclusive licences to distribute movies for download from their online store, straight to your home system. They are also the first to secure a collection of 4K films, tv shows & documentaries positioning themselves as the premier source of 4K material.

No Streaming, Better Picture

Strato by Kaleidescape is unlike other systems for watching your movies. Take Netflix, Amazon, Apple or any of the online movie services. They deliver the content to your TV across a continuous flow of data called streaming. Any service that uses streaming is losing picture and sound quality as it has to compress the data to a massive extent to make it viable to the mass market. Whilst the resolution strictly speaking remains at the resolution of 4K, the colour, sharpness, detail in sound & picture is literally squeezed right out of the movie. Kaleidescape do things differently, when you purchase a film from their online store, you download it, in full to your system. Once on your system you can enjoy a fully uncompressed film to make the most of your TV & audio system.

Kaleidescape visual interface

The legendary interface

Because Kaleidescape store your movies locally, without the clutter of disks, it has found the exceptional way of displaying your collection on screen for you to browse and pick your next movie from. It arranges your entire collection as a series of tiles, use your BeoRemote One to move around the screen and watch as you highlight a film and other related titles cascade in around it to give you alternative suggestions. As the picture above shows, it takes the experience beyond simply watching the film.

High Dynamic Range (HDR)

Often people have one eye on what is happening next with their technology. Kaleidescape has you covered for the next step! Whilst UHD 4K is the latest innovation and will be around for years to come, an added technology called High Dynamic Range (HDR) takes your 4K picture to another level again. Upcoming TV’s will have this enabled and it’ll show you more detail in the areas of low light and high light to give you the most balanced picture you’ve seen. Strato is ready to support this too and will be bringing HRD content to the online store in the near future.

If that hasn’t convinced you, or even if it has, pop into the showroom in Merchant City to see it in action as nothing quite beats seeing the real thing. Strato is now available instore and online.