Merchant City Favourites

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One of the great things about meeting so many clients from a wide range of backgrounds is their variable tastes in music. From classical music to rock classics, we get to experience a wide range of music. Some of these songs are very well produced and demonstrate certain things very well, whether that thing is strong and powerful bass or the intricate details of an acoustic guitar performance. Some of these songs in turn earn a place on our “Merchant City Favourites” Deezer playlist.

If a customer comes to the showroom looking to hear the absolute best in home audio, chances are that it will be one of these songs playing through the coveted BeoLab 5 in the showroom, or through any of out extensive speaker range in our dedicated listening room.

If digital music is a new thing to you, keep in mind it doesn’t need to be hard. The BeoSound Moment actually comes with Deezer integrated into the system and as if that wasn’t enough we include a free 12 month subscription so you can get up and running straight away with access to a massive library of all your favourite music! In the meantime feel free to play our choices and capture hand pick songs to add to your own playlists.