Preowned audio systems from our range of approved used Bang & Olufsen gives you an opportunity to grab a great deal.  Whether you see an iconic design that you have always wanted in your home, or want to add an additional piece of Bang & Olufsen onto your existing system, you are in the right place.  We have one of the finest collections of preowned Bang & Olufsen in the UK.  All our preowned sales come with a 12 month warranty to give you peace of mind.

BeoSound Moment

BeoSound Moment is the most recent addition to the Bang & Olufsen audio range.  A system that give you an all in one digital music package via the inbuilt music streaming services.  This means you have access to the world of music at your finger tips without the clutter of CD’s and storage.  The Interface lets you remove it from the base unit and sit comfortably whilst you browse your collection of music on its tablet like interface.  The best way to move to digital music without any of the complication.

BeoSound Moment £1195 SOLD

BeoSound 5

BeoSound 5 became fondly likened to a digital jukebox. A digital audio system that encouraged the user to approach and interact with it.  With Spotify and Tune In Radio built into it, a whole world of digital music is at your fingertips.  Add Songs to your own playlists to match your moods, or create a quick list of your favourite radio stations from around the world!

BeoSound 5 on wall bracket £995 [maxbutton name=”BeoSound 5 Pre Owned”]

BeoCenter 2 cd player by Bang & Olufsen of Denmark

BeoCenter 2

BeoCenter 2 typifies Bang & Olufsen’s commitment to cutting edge design and innovation. A CD player that doubled up as a DVD player coupled with stunning aesthetics and magical movement of the system opening and presenting the disk to the user. A little rarer than other pre owned Bang & Olufsen simply because people typically don’t want to part with theirs! A preowned BeoSound 9000 is the ultimate collectible.

BeoCenter 2 & socket box with table feet   SOLD

BeoSound 4 cd player by Bang & Olufsen

BeoSound 4

BeoSound 4 CD player by Bang & Olufsen became hugely popular by way of its stunning minimalist looks and fantastic performance. By simply hovering their hand by the base of the unit the whole glass screen would raise to reveal the control panel! 2 Variations were released, both identical but the latter had the addition of DAB radio in place of the FM tuner.

BeoSound 3000

A simple, straight forward CD player is quite hard to come by in the age of digital.  The BeoSound 3000 is exactly that which is why it is a top seller in the pre owned Bang & Olufsen market.  An elegant unit that can sit on top of any surface, move your hand on front of the unit and the glass doors will automatically part, revealing the disk and controls.  Perfect for anyone that wants a simple CD player that can stand alone or be part of a BeoLink Multiroom setup.

BeoSound 3000   SOLD OUT

BeoSound 9000 6 cd changer by Bang & Olufsen

BeoSound 9000

Could this be the most iconic Bang & Olufsen product ever released? Many would say so and with good reason, this 6 cd player has visual impact like no other, the ability to wall mount horizontally or vertically as well as a host of other placement options. The user can actually watch the mechanism whizzing up and down between cd’s making it as much about the visual experience as the audio.

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BeoPlay A8

BeoPlay A8 is one of the most audio systems of recent years in part due to being an all in one system, packing a big sound within a small body making it suitable for any room in the house. The speakers are part of the instantly recognisable design which thanks to their coned shape give you a much bigger sound than other systems the same size. With built in DLNA and Airplay, wirelessly send your music to the system or alternatively use it as a docking station by placing your ipad/iphone onto the dock on the top of BeoPlay A8.

BeoSound Essence

BeoSound Essence oozes style through simplicity.  A simple remote which controls your system via integrated digital sources.  Popularly known as the light switch for your music, it gives you only the most basic controls to make accessing your music as straight forward as it can get.  The brains of the system are hidden away, whilst the aluminium remote provides a tactile interaction.

BeoSound Essence Mk1   –  Out of stock