Preowned speakers from our range of approved used Bang & Olufsen gives you an opportunity to grab a great deal.  Whether you see an iconic design that you have always wanted in your home, or want to add an additional piece of Bang & Olufsen onto your existing system, you are in the right place.  We have one of the finest collections of preowned Bang & Olufsen in the UK.  All our preowned sales come with a 12 month warranty to give you peace of mind.

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BeoLab 1 stands at over 6 feet in height and for many years sat at the top of the Bang & Olufsen speaker range. Still sought after for it’s crystal clear sound and design aesthetic, they are rare on the preowned market.

BeoLab 1 dark blue SOLD!

Preowned BeoLab 5 loudspeakers by Bang & Olufsen
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BeoLab 5 has, for many years, been regarded as one of the finest loudspeakers in the world. Now you have the opportunity to own a set of preowned BeoLab 5 for a fraction of the usual £15,000 asking price. With an output of 5000watts, they are very powerful speakers that don’t lose even the slightest detail. Enjoy your music the way it was intended to be heard.
BeoLab 5 Ex Display £12500

BeoLab 5 Pre Owned £7995

beolab 11 subwoofer by Bang & Olufsen
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Beolab 14 was designed as an elegant solution for both music and movie. Sold either in a 2.1, 4.1 or 5.1 configuration it gives you a set up of satellite speakers along side a stylish and powerful subwoofer. Crafted from aluminium, the BeoLab 14 offers a stunning speaker that is as subtle as you want it to be whilst performing at a high level.

BeoLab 11 white  £1195   [maxbutton name=”Beolab 11″]

preowned beolab 3 active loudspeakers by Bang & Olufsen
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BeoLab 3 is a hugely popular speaker amongst those that want something small and powerful.  With the acoustic lens on top of the speaker, you get an even dispersion of sound over a room with minimal reflections from the floor and ceiling.  Once called the worlds most powerful little speaker, they will shock you with their punchy bass at such a small size.


Beolab 3 preowned with table stands   SOLD OUT

BeoLab 2

BeoLab 2 for a number of years was Bang & Olufsen’s main line subwoofer and to this day they pack a huge punch. 850 watts of pure bass power will take films and music to the next level and is easily paired with any Bang & Olufsen BeoLab speaker for those that want to build on the system that they already have in place.

BeoLab 2 Subwoofer

BeoLab 4

A hugely popular small and compact speaker by Bang & Olufsen, the BeoLab 4 was ideal for those that wanted a small speaker they could discretely place on a table top, shelf or cabinet. For others, they made the ideal rear speakers in a surround sound setup. Whatever the purpose, the BeoLab 4 is a very durable speaker at a great price.

BeoLab 3500 Multiroom speaker by Bang & Olufsen

BeoLab 3500

BeoLab 3500 is the massivly popular Masterlink, linkroom speaker. Able to pull sound from your Bang & Olufsen audio system in another room, it is the perfect second room solution.

BeoLab 3500 Silver (2001) £395 [maxbutton name=”BeoLab 3500 (2008)”]
BeoLab 3500 Silver (2002) £395 [maxbutton name=”BeoLab 3500 (2008)”]

The Beolab 6000 classic loudspeaker by Bang & Olufsen

BeoLab 6000/6002

Bang & Olufsen’s best selling speaker ever and with good reason. The BeoLab 6000 is a relatively small loudspeaker with a subtle elegance that ensures it’ll look at home in almost any room. Performance is excellent with the speakers capable of filling most spaces with a rich sound.

BeoLab 6000 Black  £695  [maxbutton name=”BeoLab 6000″]

BeoLab 6000 Silver  £695  [maxbutton name=”BeoLab 6000″]

BeoLab 8000

BeoLab 8000 are hugely popular on the preowned market as they represent absolutely fantastic value for money. The organ pipe speaker which was the popular accompaniment to the BeoSound 9000 has an immense and strong sound whilst looking like a piece of sculptural art in your room.

BeoLab 8000 Silver/Black  SOLD OUT

BeoLab 4000

BeoLab 4000 was the little brother of the BeoLab’s 6000 and 8000. Although looking like the smallest of those speakers the BeoLab 4000 actually had a larger cabinet space than the BeoLab 6000 meaning it packs a serious punch. The details are on point too so for anybody looking for loudspeaker that can comfortably sit on a cabinet or surface top, BeoLab 4000 is hard to beat.

BeoLab 12.1

BeoLab 12.1 was one of three Beolab 12 variations.  A collection of elegent, slender speakers that defied traditional thought on speaker design.  Once thought too slim to create powerful Bang & Olufsen sound, our engineers surprised everyone when they managed to create these speakers.  12.1 is finished in grey fabric and comes with floor stands.