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BeoPlay A9


Things don’t often go wrong with Bang & Olufsen products. Known for their build quality and no compromise approach to their design and manufacturing, they tend to last for years. However when something does go wrong, whether by a part failing or by accidental damage, we have you covered. Out with the warranty period we can offer a comprehensive repair service to get your speaker, audio system or TV looking and sounding like it is brand new again.


Whilst your Bang & Olufsen audio system, speakers and TV’s will often run for decades without a hitch, sometimes it is good to give them a service. Denmark will produce and support your product with parts for many years after they stop producing them, but like everything they must draw the line somewhere. With this in mind it is possible to have your system serviced and long term degradable parts replaced whilst they are still available, safeguarding your system for years to come.

One Stop Solution - Servicing With Bang & Olufsen of Merchant City

We work along side the only accredited Bang & Olufsen repair engineer in Scotland. This means that we have access to all the official parts and the expertise needed to utilise them. Our repair service covers Scotland in full and in home servicing is available should you be unable to bring the equipment to Glasgow. If you are however able to bring the speakers, TV or audio system in question to the showroom in Glasgow you can drop it off with us and we’ll in turn get it to the engineers work shop.

To see more about servicing options and what happens when your Bang & Olufsen products are repaired and to contact the engineer directly, CLICK HERE TO GO TO BANG & OLUFSEN REPAIR ONLINE, alternatively to arrange to drop off your system at Merchant City phone us on 0141 552 5552