At Bang & Olufsen of Merchant City, most of what our customers see revolves around the showroom and the products within.  In reality, just as much of our business is centred on the installation of the products you see.  Our team are known for their ability to look at a room and completely rethink how to present your TV and audio within that space.  Below we show some of our before / after installs along side comments our customers have made about our work.  Installs are available with any purchase from Bang & Olufsen of Merchant City and are priced on a case per case basis.

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[mpc_vc_quote quote=”It is a rare treat nowadays to find somewhere where you feel appreciated while spending money. Not only do you offer fabulous products, your customer first attitude and total professionalism are a positive joy to experience.” author=”Mrs Parry, Cupar”]
[mpc_vc_quote quote=”the whole team listened gave feedback then went at it in a very methodical and professional manner, cleaning as they went protecting surrounding furniture etc. I was amazed they were so courteous and slick throughout. Superb team.” author=”Mr Godfrey, The Borders”]
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