An article and video telling the story of beoplay a9 speaker by Bang & Olufsen

The Story Of Beoplay A9

In this newly released video, we get some insight into the people and the processes that went into the Beoplay A9 speaker from Bang & Olufsen.  For many years this has been a cornerstone of the range and the identity of Bang & Olufsen as a whole.  The iconic design giving you something beautiful to listen to your music on, whilst equally flexible in placement around the home, paired with powerful and precise sound, largely in thanks to the 480 watts of digital power it produces.


If you watch the video (below) you’ll see designers Alexander Slaatto and Bang & Olufsen ‘Tonmeister’, Geoff Martin.  Both men represent very different parts of the process but offer knowledge and information that to any audio enthusiast will prove interesting.

Since it’s inception, Beoplay A9 has in fact changed, the sound further refined in recent models and more wireless integration options such as Bluetooth have been added.  Wireless multi room via Bang & Olufsens BeoLink Multi room system is now integral to the A9 meaning you can connect your speakers wirelessly to other BeoLink products around the house for seamless multi room audio.


The speaker is available for purchase either via our showroom in the centre of Glasgow, or via the Bollo website, link below.